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Viz of the day: News from Nan posts per year

We’ve started a new project in 2021 that capitalizes on our passion for data analytics, Dick’s programming skill, and the knowledge we gained in a data science course we took a couple of years ago. Dick uses Python code to scrape and wrangle data from and about our two websites (newsfromnan.com and vrcommunications.us), and R code and packages to display the results. We’re calling the resulting visualizations “Viz of the Day.” 

Visualization Description

Our goal for our newsfromnan.com website is an average of one post per week, or 52 posts per year.

Over the time period 2015-2020 (the WordPress site’s most active period of time), did we meet our goal?

Just barely, according to the visualization (viz) above.

How We Did It

The information, accumulated over time, is available in a WordPress database.

Using a  native WordPress tool, I exported the information to an external XML file.

I wrote a data-wrangling program in Python to subset the relevant information in the XML file and put it into CSV format for use by the R programming language.

Then I wrote an R script utilizing the ggplot2 plug-in to create the histogram pictured above. The visualization uses the Economist theme.