Corporate Clients and Employers

Acta Technology (now SAP), Avid Technology, Citrix Systems, FedEx, IBM Corporation, Integrated Systems Inc. (now Intel), Internet Brands, Intuit, Klocwork, Kyocera International Inc., Mercury Interactive (now HP), MIPI Alliance, Moveworks, Octel (now Avaya), PayPal (eBay), Pillar Data Systems (now Oracle), Savi Technology, Siebel Systems (now Oracle), Skytide Inc., VMware

Nonprofits, Small Businesses

Anasazi Heritage Center (Dolores, CO), City of Mountain View (CA), Community Vision of El Dorado Hills (CA), Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA),, Lyons (CO) Valley Village, Mammoth Site of Hot Springs (SD), McElmo Canyon Research Institute (Cortez, CO), OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), Pearson Charitable Foundation (a division of Pearson Publishing), RSF-EARTHSPEAK, Skagit Valley (WA) Alternative Futures Project, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), USS Missouri Memorial Association (Honolulu, HI), W and B Attorneys (Wayzata, MN), Women in Technology International

Educational Organizations

Campbell (CA) Union High School District, Oxnard (CA) Union High School District, San Francisco State University, San José (CA) State University, Santa Clara (CA) University, Stanford University, University of California at Santa Cruz

Linguistic analysis, text annotation for machine learning, writing, editing