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My high-tech adventure: Chapter 1, Introduction

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IBM 7090 computer
IBM 7090 computer

In 2012 Dick wrote a book titled My High-Tech Adventure, which recorded memories of his experiences working in the computer industry from 1960 to 2012. Blogs in this set have been serialized from the original chapters and republished in 2018.


This is not a history of computing (there are plenty of those already!), but rather a description of things I actually had experience with myself.  I have written this because I think a “remembrance” of computing might be more interesting to some people than just a history. Computing has changed so much in the years I have been in it, that it might be hard to for some people to believe that the world of computers did not always revolve around Microsoft Windows and the Internet.

My years in elementary school through my graduation from college coincided with the initial development of commercial computers and the birth of the computer industry.

The following table lists the dates I was in school and some of the most popular IBM computers at the time. This information will help to set the context for the next few chapters.

Note: During these years there were also computers marketed by other companies like CDC (Control Data Corporation) and UNIVAC, but my experience was mostly with computers from IBM.

Popular IBM computers during the time I was in school
Popular IBM computers during the time I was in school