About Us

About VR Communications LLC

VR Communications was incorporated in California in 1995, and re-registered in 2016 as a limited liability company.

We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we also work with clients in other geographies, including outside the United States.

About Our Principals

Our principals are Anna van Raaphorst-Johnson and Richard H. (Dick) Johnson.

We are a husband-wife team who work collaboratively or individually.

After successful individual careers (Dick as a software engineer, Anna as a high-school teacher, technical writer, and editor) we decided that our combined skills and talents opened up more powerful and interesting professional possibilities than we had previously experienced.

Anna van Raaphorst-Johnson

Anna is our content specialist: writer, editor, linguistic analyst, and researcher.

Anna has done extensive writing on technical, scientific, historic, and educational topics. She has had broad experience in the high-tech industry and educational organizations as employee, consultant, contractor, and pro-bono volunteer.

Anna has a BA in German with a minor in history/political science from UCLA and an MA in linguistics from Stanford University.

Anna’s post-graduate education includes data science and analytics; web design and technology; localization; and language study of German, Spanish, Dutch, and English as a second language. She has a certificate in genealogy from Salt Lake Community College, and is working on a certificate in teaching English as a second language at UCLA.

For a number of years Anna has volunteered as a researcher and cataloger at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, and at a number of archaeological and paleontological sites in California and the U.S. Mountain States.

In her spare time Anna enjoys active sports, photography, travel, and researching and writing about family history.

To contact Anna: avanraaphorst@gmail.com

For more information: Anna’s LinkedIn profile

Richard H. (Dick) Johnson

Dick is a technology specialist: software engineer, web developer, writer, and researcher.

Dick has extensive experience in software development and technical writing.

Dick has a BA and MA in Mathematics from UCLA. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Dick’s post-graduate education includes web development and data science with R and Python. He has written custom code to do XML data transformations and web publishing. He has also been a Drupal module developer.

Dick is also a history buff and has attended many classes on modern and ancient history.

In his spare time Dick enjoys running, family history, travel, photography, and volunteering at the Battleship Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor.

To contact Dick: rjohnson42@gmail.com

For more information: Dick’s LinkedIn profile