Objectives, Sample Projects

ObjectiveS, Summary

We are seeking professional-level, freelance communications opportunities.

Key client benefits include quick, high-quality results for reasonable prices.

  • Skill areas:
    • Writing (primarily non-fiction)
    • Editing (developmental- and copy-editing,¬†we specialize in non-native English)
    • Indexing
    • Content and data curation
    • Training and curriculum development
    • Linguistic research and analysis
    • Website design and development
    • Artifact and archive research, analysis, preservation, and cataloging
  • Subject areas: technology, science, history, education
  • Strengths: creativity, reliability, attention to detail
  • Primary tools and technologies: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), oXygen, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Axiell Mimsy XG collections management software, Adobe Photoshop, Google Snapseed, WordPress, Drupal, XML/DITA, database and database applications
  • Secondary tools (can use for testing, examples, documentation): Python and R programming languages

Sample Projects

The following examples are mostly single images for quick reference. For complete portfolio items, see the Portfolio page.

Linguistic analysis
Artifact and archive research/analysis/cataloging
Website creation and maintenance

Last update: 2017dec