Our professional profile

We are always looking for new opportunities to participate in interesting and challenging communications projects, for example:

  • Information creation and curation
  • Content editing
  • Data transcription and transformation

Our strengths are creativity, enthusiasm, reliability, and attention to detail.

Key client benefits are reasonable prices and quick, high-quality results.

Featured Projects

Below are short descriptions of a variety of projects we have successfully completed.

Website traffic analysis with R

In a Data Analytics course we took recently at Stanford, we did a project that analyzed the popularity of content in various categories and with various tags. Popularity was measured by total hits over a one-month time interval.

image of Histogram of hits for all pages and posts
Histogram of hits for all pages and posts

Blog titled “Website traffic analysis with R”

5000+ catalog records at the Computer History Museum (CHM)

We’ve researched and cataloged over 5000 items (both hardware and software) at the CHM in Mountain View, California. Here is a typical catalog record.

We wrote an article for the Six Fifty e-zine about our experiences at the museum:

Five fascinating finds from the archives of Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum (link to The Six Fifty website)

…and we regularly blog about our CHM museum experiences.

History of a small town in the Sierra foothills

Some years ago, when we moved to El Dorado Hills, California, we found out no history of the town existed. So we wrote it ourselves. Copies of the book are available in the Placer County library system.

El Dorado Hills Handbook (PDF of the book)

Python programming curriculum

For the Pearson Charitable Foundation (Pearson plc) and the National Academy Foundation (NAF) we did a Python curriculum for high school students. The curriculum, available on the NAF website, features complete instructor lesson plans and numerous programming examples.

Documentation for technical professionals

We have written and edited numerous documents about hardware and software products, and also guides for professionals producing technical documentation.

Articles, books, and websites about family history and genealogy

On our “News from Nan” website we regularly publish blogs about family news, history, and genealogy.

News from Nan family site (link to site)

We have also written and published articles and books about family history, several of which are available in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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