Objectives, Services, Projects

Professional Objectives, Services

Seeking professional-level freelance communications opportunities.

Our clients can be in any geography; we work 80-100% offsite.

We produce high-quality results at a reasonable price.

Services and project types:

  • Writing, editing, indexing
  • Linguistic analysis and editing of content produced by non-native English speakers
  • Controlled vocabularies and taxonomies
  • Content reuse and transformation
  • WordPress website creation and management
  • Artifact and archive research, curation, preparation, cataloging, photography

Skills and experience:

  • Extensive experience with typical professional tools/frameworks like XML/DITA and other markup languages, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and Mimsy
  • Strong technical, scientific, business, and marketing savvy
  • Creative approaches to communications problems
  • Efficient implementation techniques

Sample successfully Completed Projects

  • Markup-language conversion of technical and scientific documentation
  • Training material, white papers, and presentations on technical, scientific, and historic topics
  • Technical documentation for XML/DITA, Drupal, database, and database applications
  • Style guide for technical writers
  • Research on misuse of proprietary documentation
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for small businesses, nonprofits, communities, and individuals
  • Artifact and archiving projects for museums
  • Paleontological, archaeological, and anthropological projects

Last update: 2017aug